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Why Choose MiPower for your Solar Panels and Wind Turbines


“Speedy service, efficient and considerate Solar Panel installation, courteous, responsive & helpful when queries have arisen.” – Mr C Hooper


What makes MiPower superior to our competitors is that we understand the importance to you of making an informed decision to invest in Solar Panels and renewable energy.  


Your potential investment in alternative green energy is a major one for which you deserve the best advice to take account of all renewable energy technology.


We consider your requirements and then evaluate and make proposals best suited to your individual requirements, whether it is for large scale Solar PV Installation for investment purposes through to commercial buildings, farm building and land owners right down to providing energy for individual homeowners to minimise energy costs and maximise efficiency.


At MiPower we provide a professional and friendly service you can trust. We have in-depth experience and knowledge of the UK solar industry. If you want to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint, earn extra income and become more self sufficient in energy, please contact us today.


We also consider all of the following technologies before presenting solutions tailored for you; solar panels, Photovoltiac (PV): solar thermal; wind turbines; heat pumps; concentrated solar and hydro powerOur experience is at your service and we guarantee to thoroughly investigate all technologies on your behalf.


Solar Panels - Our Solutions


We design and implement bespoke solar panel solutions to meet specific needs in each of these sectors. Our Solar Power Products include a 25 Year Performance Warranty.


The company employs fully trained professionals to survey, design and install the best quality Solar Panels PV (photovoltaic) products from major manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Sharp, Schüco and BP Solar which include a 25 year performance warranty. 


If you are a landowner with properties suitable for wind power generation, or a wind turbine installation, MiPower have a solar solution which can be tailored for your specific needs.


Wind Turbine Generators  


MiPower are pleased to offer the full range of Hummer wind turbines. These high quality wind turbine generators can be installed by ourselves anywhere in the UK.


Suitable for both off grid and on grid connection, our range  covers all outputs from 500w to 50kW for domestic through to heavy commercial usage.  Wholesale and reseller enquiries are also welcome.

For further details of our Hummer Wind Turbines click here. 


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Solar Calculator 


This tool calculates the performance of a solar PV system according to the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings (SAP 2009)



MiPower provided friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service and dealt with the local planning department on our behalf, this was very helpful” – Mrs Bashful



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